Patent prosecution

Patentlinq has extensive experience in drafting of high quality patent applications in cooperation with clients. Our goal is to deliver a product that is adapted for prosecution at different patent offices worldwide. When drafting we consider the clients' particular needs in order to create patents that can survive future oppositions and that are effective in business negotiations and disputes.

Patentlinq works both in direct interaction with patent departments as well as with smaller clients that need more guidance along the drafting process.

Patentlinq can also help you with filing and further prosecution through patent offices worldwide. We act directly against the Swedish Patent Office PRV, the European Patent Office EPO, and the PCT authorities, and we utilize our international network for processing globally.

Searches and watches

Knowing the IP landscape is a powerful tool in business development that is often forgotten. Despite the effect of being able to decrease the risk of ending up in a court proceedure, searches may help companies in increasing knowledge about competitor's activities and technolgy development within a certain business area.

Apart from performing the actual search, Patentlinq may assist in making a tailored strategy for competitor analysis. Examples of services within this area are novelty searches, freedom to operate investigations, competitor watches and analysis etc.

IP Management

Proper handling of patent rights stems from an understanding of how to make the best use of each and every invention. Patentlinq can assist with the development of an IP strategy that contributes to reach overall innovation and business goals. Patentlinq has experience from strategy work at both small and large companies.

If the IP strategy includes a wish to quickly establish a patent portfolio in a given business field Patentlinq can lead workshops directed to finding and refining patentable ideas that fulfill needs or solve problems relevant to the specific business field.

Patentlinq has substantive experience from training in the field of IPR. We can tailor training packages targeting different fields, such as basic intellectual property rights training, advanced intellectual property rights training, patent claims drafting training, innovation management, etc. 

Patenlinq also has extensive experience from client in-house work.

Litigation and Post Grant

Patentlinq may represent in all stages before the Swedish and European patent offices, both in the defense of patent rights and in oppostion proceedings against competitors’ patents.

Patentlinq may also assist in court proceedings e.g. at the Patent and Market Court, which is a division of Stockholm District Court that handles patent disputes. However, disputes are generally cumbersome and causes stress to all involved parties. Therefore, it may be preferable to let us perform searches, risk analysis and advice during the development process with regard to freedom to operate, and thereby mitigate the risk of patent infringement and costly court processes.