On 29 November we participated in the 6th Indo-European ICT Conference on Global Patenting and Emerging Technologies, taking place in Munich, Germany. Grant Philpott, COO, ICT, European Oatent Office, was moderater. The president of EPO, António Campinos, welcomed everybody to the Conference, and thereafter a plurality of prominent guests told there view regarding emerging technoligies such as AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and IoT. During the afternoon three different panels discussed these technologies, and their challenges regarding patenting. Among the panelists were Gabriele Mohsler, Vice President, Patent Development, Ericsson AB; Beat Weibel, Head of Corporate Intellectual Property, Siemens AG; and Santosh Mohanty, Vice President, Tata Consultancy Services. 

This time we took the nighttrain to Munich from Copenhagen, and found it to be a convenient way to travel through Germany.